With more than 30 years’ experience in providing online identity check solutions, GBG KnowYourPeople supports thousands of organisations to make informed recruitment decisions. 

Our cloud-based software helps streamline the employee onboarding processachieving the quickest and most accurate results possible. GBG KnowYourPeople has a strong focus on compliance, ensuring the applicant’s data is managed in accordance with GDPR and Data Protection legislation and helping organisations to easily demonstrate due process has been followed. 


Ensure your hiring managers stick to compliance guidelines and complete the appropriate checks thoroughly and legally.

Reduced errors

Reduce errors and the number of application rejections with instant online validation.

Reduced costs

Reduce costs by getting the right candidate in the right role faster and avoid financial loss from employee fraud and theft.

Customised checks

Safeguard your organisation’s reputation and stay compliant with customised checks, tailored to each role.

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency by integrating all your screening tasks in one portal complete with a detailed audit trail.

Great customer service

With a dedicated account management team and helplines for both applicants and users, you’ll get great customer service.

Safe, secure and clear

Our DPA compliant and ISO27001 accredited results are provided in an easy-to-understand format, ensuring checks are safe, secure and clear.

Easy and convenient

We offer a DBS compliant ID checking service via the Post Office so it’s easy and convenient for applicants to validate ID documents.

Frequently asked questions

Customer stories

We helped De Montfort University implement a more efficient way to manage DBS checks, cutting admin time by over 65%, and reducing annual postage, printing and stationary costs by £11,000.
We gave States of Jersey a simple, efficient and trackable way to manage criminal records checks, rapidly clearing the backlog, cutting out paper-based processes, and reducing checking time by 90%.