GBG's pre-employment screening services enables higher education establishments to appropriately vet students entering vocational courses such as healthcare, midwifery and teaching and ensures your campus is a safe place for both students and staff.

By performing checks on new students and staff, not only can you be sure that the individual is who they say they are, and that they are suitable for working within their chosen course, but you'll also deter unsuitable individual's from applying to begin with.


During busy student intake periods, failure to complete appropriate criminal record checks efficiently and accurately for incoming students can result in lost tuition income, high administrative costs, error rates, student drop out and lack of compliance, which can result in reputational and financial damage, such as being fined if NHS course quotas are missed. Universities need a faster, more reliable alternative to traditional, paper-based DBS checking processes by leveraging technology.

STAT: In around 30% of cases, one university’s admissions team had to post incomplete or erroneous paper forms back to applicants, often multiple times.


The UK’s largest criminal record checking provider, GBG, offers a comprehensive online DBS service, including Disclosure Scotland and global coverage for 145 countries. Accessed via a simple and easy-to-use online portal that links to the DBS’s e-Bulk interface, it significantly reduces paperwork, administration and improves speed and transparency. Completing an online application can take as little as 4-5 minutes, with results being returned within 24 hours. In addition, GBG’s eligibility specialists support your teams in ensuring appropriate checks are processed against relevant course roles to improve compliance.


GBG helps universities reduce DBS checking administration time, improve turnaround times, compliance and deliver excellent service to students and users. In addition, some of our customers obtained the following benefits using GBG’s online services:

  • Plymouth and De Montfort Universities recognised annual combined savings of £42,000 on staff time, postage, printing and stationary costs.
  • De Montfort cut administration time spent on checks by 65%, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Plymouth estimated extra fee income of £135,000 per annum due to faster applicant checking.
"Using GBG for DBS checking has reduced our admin time by 65% or more, and we’ve also made big savings on postage and stationary – at least £11,000 annually,"

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