Why do I need online PEPs, sanctions & enforcement checks?

You need to feel confident that anyone in your organisation who handles money as part of their job is competent and 100% trustworthy.

Our online system searches international databases – including Bank of England, HM Treasury and OFAC – for individuals subject to regulatory sanctions or enforcements, known terrorists, money launderers, fraudsters, PEPs and black-listed persons.

This frees up time within your HR team and eliminates the risk of checks being mistakenly missed.

Why choose GBG for your PEPs, sanctions & enforcement checks?


Manage false positives quickly and easily by disregarding name matches which are not relevant. The check only becomes a part of the candidate’s profile when you accept the positive match.


GBG’s PEPs, sanctions and enforcement check includes searches of politically exposed persons, especially important for high profile or sensitive roles, and potentially flags the potential requirement to undertake a deeper check.

How to get started

We’ll work with you to understand your challenges and provide the ideal solution.