Why do I need an overseas criminal record check?

There’s little point in applying for a DBS criminal record check for a person that’s new into the UK – but managing international checks can be complex.

The main challenge for employers is that the application process varies significantly between countries.

By having GBG conduct overseas criminal record checks on your behalf, you’ll remove the hassle of having to coordinate this complicated process yourself. Checks are processed to the highest level available within the country and ensure results are consistent and accurate.

Our overseas criminal record checks are available in over 88 countries, and we’re continuously expanding this.

Why choose GBG for overseas criminal record checks?


Our checks allow organisations to obtain an applicant’s overseas record where their residential history indicated that they have lived abroad.

Fully translated

Reports are provided in English, so you’re not required to spend extra time and resources on translating. Where indicated, the original certificates are also provided.


GBG’s Nottingham-based support team will keep track of your applications and are always on hand to help should they have any questions.


Neglecting to conduct overseas criminal record checks could leave your organisation vulnerable to recriminations, possible fines and reputational risk.

How to get started

We’ll work with you to understand your challenges and provide the ideal solution.