Why do I need online employment reference checks?

1 in 10 people lie on their CV, with educational and qualifications being misrepresented most frequently.

Candidates may well be embellishing their experience or concealing key facts that would make it impossible for them to sufficiently fulfil the requirements of the role they’ve applied for.

That’s why confirming qualifications and obtaining genuine personal references in a consistent and accessible way is so important. But in a fast-growing organisation, it can be difficult for a busy HR department to keep on top of the necessary admin.

Our employee CV checks are compliant with Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act, FCA Certification Regime, Airside checks, BS7858, Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) and PCI DSS to ensure you can easily weed out pretenders and employ the right people quicker.

Why choose GBG for your employment reference check?


Reference requests can be automatically formatted for post or fax, or can be directly emailed from the easy-to-use system, helping your HR team be up to five times more productive.


Either manage referencing in-house to reduce costs and maintaining control, or request GBG to manage the employment reference check on your behalf.


We go direct to the academic institution or professional body to confirm the applicant attained the qualification or is a member. We check against a database of validated contact details, so you can have confidence that a genuine referee is being contacted.


Both application forms and the built-in letter templates can be formatted to suit your needs, and the system automatically generate daily to-do lists and progress reports.

How to get started

We’ll work with you to understand your challenges and provide the ideal solution.

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