Why do I need online criminal record checks?

To make an informed recruitment decision, carrying out a criminal record check is an essential part of the recruitment process. Not only can it help prevent bad hires, conducting the correct level of criminal record check is crucial for those working in regulated activity.

We offer a market leading online service that improves the efficiency, management and process of criminal record checks - helping you to employ the right people faster, ensuring they have undergone the necessary checks. This could save you up to 10 days’ worth of admin during the recruitment process, as well as the extra expense of having to submit paper applications multiple times.

Our simple-to-complete application form ensures all mandatory fields are completed accurately, and identity documents are provided in-line with Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and Disclosure Scotland requirements.

You can configure the system to best meet your processing requirements, with features such as:

  • Configurability: organisational hierarchy and branch structure, user permissions, email alerts and job roles
  • Check validity: support in assessing and ensuring check levels are appropriate for job roles
  • Payment methods: applicant to pay, pay as you go or monthly invoicing
  • Identity verification can be handled in-house or using the Post Office ID Verification service
  • Integration and branding: we can integrate via an API with your HR platform and be branded with your logo, colours and URL
  • Delivery options: managed service or hosted service (enables organisations to leverage GBG’s e-bulk technology whilst keeping their registered body status)
  • Compatibility with mobile, table and PC

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Criminal record checks we offer

Disclosure Barring Service - Standard

The standard check is available for duties, positions and licences included in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975. For example, court officers, employment within a prison, and Security Industry Authority (SIA) licences.

A standard level certificate contains details of all spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings from the Police National Computer (PNC), which have not been filtered in line with legislation.

Disclosure Barring Service - Enhanced

The enhanced check with barred list check(s) is only available for those individuals who are carrying out regulated activity, and a small number of positions listed in Police Act 1997 (Criminal Records) regulations. For example, prospective adoptive parents, and taxi and Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) licences.

An enhanced level certificate with barred list check(s) contains the same PNC information and check of information held by police forces at an enhanced level check, but in addition will check against the children’s and/or adult’s barred lists.

Disclosure and Barring Service & Disclosure Scotland Basic

The basic check can be used for any position or purpose. A basic certificate will contain details of convictions and cautions from the Police National Computer (PNC) that are considered to be unspent under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974.

Disclosure Barring Service – Adult First

DBS adult first is a service available to organisations who can request a check of the DBS adults’ barred list. Depending on the result, a person can be permitted to start work, under supervision, with vulnerable adults before a DBS certificate has been obtained.

Overseas Criminal Record Check

Our comprehensive overseas criminal record check service offers you a more efficient and cost-effective way to undertake overseas criminal checks on those who have lived or travelled overseas, helping you get the right employees in post faster.

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AccessNI – Basic

The AccessNI Basic Criminal Record checks is for those living and working in Northern Ireland. The basic check can be used for any position or purpose. An AccessNI basic check contains details of all convictions considered to be unspent.

Why choose GBG to process your criminal record checks?

Multiple payment options

Flexible payment options mean you can be invoiced, pay as you go per check or for multiple checks at once. You can even request the applicant pays for the application themselves, either through the system or via the Post Office.

Speed, tracking and reporting

Track the real-time status of DBS checks online; get an indicative result for DBS checks prior to the certificate being dispatched. Versitile reporting functionality with ability to export results.

Compliance & expertise

Our system is registered with both the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) and Disclosure Scotland, and GBG’s eligibility experts will ensure the online system processes checks at the right level for your organisation. As experts in this field, we’re consistently investing in our online system to comply with DBS changes and help our customers process checks quicker.

Flexible API, branding and hosted

We offer a number of ways to use our platform, with full and partial API available you can integrate to a level that suits your requirements. Provide a streamlined and more seamless process for your applicants by utilising our branding options. Alternatively, if you’re an existing Registered Body processing over 1,500 applications per year, we offer a hosted solution.

Identity Verification – Your way

Post Office Identity Verification service is directly integrated into GBG OnlineDisclosures, allowing applicants to go to a Post Office local to them to have their Identity Documents verified. Alternatively, keep this task in house and control which users can verify an applicant’s Identity Documents.

Managed Service

Our Umbrella Body service is the quickest and easiest way to process and manage your Disclosure applications. Benefits include:

  • Progress chasing all Disclosures which are not returned within the DBS’s target timeframe
  • Management of all disputed Disclosures
  • Management of all fingerprint requests
  • Reports available to download from our online system
  • Certificate Retrieval – We can request the applicant sends their certificate to us and upload it to the platform on your behalf

UPDATE: Please note that from 1 October 2019, our fees will be reduced in line with new Home Office direction for basic, standard, or enhanced criminal record certificates. For more information, click here.

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Criminal Record Checks Product Sheet Criminal Record Checks Product Sheet

Criminal Record Checks Product Sheet

Find out how we can help you identify unsuitable candidates and make informed recruitment decisions.


Frequently asked questions

  • Can GBG help us manage disclosure outcomes?

    We offer additional services to support you in retrieving disclosures with content from the applicant and manage the subsequent decision-making process against your policy on employing people with a criminal record. 

  • Can your criminal record checks be tailored to my organisation?

    Our criminal record check can be specifically configured to the job roles applicable to your organisation. You can also choose to brand the system with your own logo and colours, request applicants to pay online and manage identity checking via the Post Office. 

  • Are GBG's criminal record checks mobile friendly?

    Our systems are tablet and smartphone friendly, allowing you to process checks on the move and instantly access the information you need, no matter where you are.

  • What information does the criminal record check capture?

    Applicants are required to enter information about themselves and confirm it is true and correct. The system enables your staff to conduct identity verification on the applicant, confirm the personal details against original documents, and specify the job role from an agreed drop-down list. DBS then return an e-Result confirming if the applicant’s disclosure has content, or is clear.

  • What benefits does the hosted solution provide?

    Our hosted solution allows you to manage your applications from start to finish, whilst we provide the software and eBulk link to the DBS and host your data in a secure environment.

    GBG supports, maintains and upgrades the service so you don’t need to worry about expensive development and maintenance costs.

    • Enables access to the e-Bulk service
    • Enables clients to retain individual RB status and identity
    • Enables the RB and Countersignatory to be detailed on the Disclosure certificate.
    • Avoids the time and expense of software development, maintenance and security
    • System is managed within a secure environment

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