Why do I need bank account checks?

Confirm candidate bank details are correct and set up to receive electronic payments. Resolve payment-related issues immediately, rather than later on when it could cost you more.

We verify that the account details match the individual’s name and address.

Spot and correct discrepancies quickly, so you can protect your organisation against fraud.

Why choose GBG for your bank account checks?


We’ll alert you if an entered bank account has been closed, when a match between the Sort Code and Account Number hasn’t been found or if the account details don’t match the candidate’s name and address, so you can action quickly.


Find out instantly whether certain transaction types are not accepted on the account (e.g. Direct Credits, BACS clearing, or Faster Payments Clearing). We’ll also return inconsistencies in the information, for example where the address match is based on a previous or forwarding address.


Our expert team of onboarding executives ensure the online system is configured to meet your exact processing requirements, and our dedicated Nottingham-based client care team are always on hand to help with any questions.


Be certain that you’re paying into a bank account that belongs to your employee. Help in the fight against modern slavery

How to get started

We’ll work with you to understand your challenges and provide the ideal solution.

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