Why do I need online adverse financial checks?

This check is essential when you’re recruiting for a role that involves handling sensitive data or financial transactions and can be used to support FCA fit and proper checks prior to an application for a controlled function.

An individual who is under financial stress is potentially vulnerable; however, awareness of the facts enables you to make informed recruitment decisions

As your employees’ circumstances can change, you can also regularly re-run the Adverse Financial Check to check for updated data.

Why choose GBG for your adverse financial check?


Alongside every adverse financial check, we'll also run an identity check to ensure the validity of the address provided. It is important to confirm the applicant’s current residency, as adverse data is address based.


Build a clear picture of the applicant by first establishing their Right to Work, criminal record history, driving entitlements and financial background all in one place.


By accessing matches to numerous databases, including checking undisclosed linked addresses and alias names used by the candidate, we check for adverse financial warning signs eg County Court Judgements (CCJs), bankruptcies, administration orders and voluntary arrangements.


Instantly access the facts about your candidate’s financial soundness to make informed decisions and protect your business’s reputation and integrity.

How to get started

We’ll work with you to understand your challenges and provide the ideal solution.

Frequently asked questions

  • What do your adverse financial checks cover?

    We make checks of numerous databases, including undisclosed linked addresses and alias names used by the candidate, to access publicly available data to reveal adverse information, including County Court Judgments (CCJs), bankruptcies, Scottish decrees, voluntary arrangements and administration orders.

  • How long does the check take to complete?

    Our clear, concise report is available online to you, almost instantly.