Why do I need online adverse financial checks?

If you're recruiting for a role that involves handling money or setting up suppliers, you need to be sure that any candidate you’re considering has no history of financial mismanagement so you can feel confident about taking them on.

Our adverse financial check complies with the FCA Certification Regime and reveals vital financial information about new hires so you can make an informed decision about who’s right for the job.

By also enabling you to access the financial records of existing employees, our financial status checking system reduces the risk of any emerging issues putting your company in harm’s way. Conducting rechecks for existing employees ensures that you’re aware, should their situations change.

Why choose GBG for your adverse financial check?


Alongside every adverse financial check, we'll also run an identity check to confirm proof of address and that the person is who they say they are. You can also use the system to monitor existing employees.


Build a clear picture of the applicant by first establishing their Right to Work, criminal record history and financial background all in one place.


Candidates may try to hide adverse financial information by not disclosing previous names or addresses for a certain county court judgment – our results will show any linked undisclosed surnames and addresses.


Understand the financial situation of your employees to help protect your organisation from employee theft and fraud.

How to get started

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