National Insurance number validation

Our online system enables you to identify if an applicant or existing employee has provided an invalid National Insurance number during the application process.

Have confidence that your existing employees and new applicants have provided you with a National Insurance number that conforms to the valid NI format.

What is it?

A validation of a Government-issued identification document or number, that helps confirm a applicant's name, date of birth, and/or current address.

What do I get?

Get an instant result, either confirming the individuals NI number conforms to the valid NI format or flagging that there are inconsistencies, which can enable you to raise with the applicant.

What do I get?

Clients will receive a report confirming that the provided Government ID is found to be valid, depending on the specific criteria of the individual ID check. For the standard Government ID product, this service involves the utilization of an Identity Document Reference Library which contains information on global passports, visas, driver’s licenses, permanent resident cards, and certain country ID cards. The technology behind this service was originally designed to support border management, travel security services, document authentication for casinos, document authentication for banks, and other financial institutions in order to quickly review, examine, and authenticate forms of global identification. A standard passport MRZ verification is also available, plus some specialist ID checks available for specific situations.

What are the benefits?

Find out straight away if there is an issue with the National Insurance Number, work with the applicant to resolve this early to avoid any issues that could arise relating to salary payment and the applicants National Insurance contributions.

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