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Why is employee screening
so important in the oil and gas sector?

We are the single expert source for streamlined background checks across oil and gas organisations, helping with your compliance and assist in minimising your risk. Our business background screening services feature robust technology and deep industry knowledge.

Why choose First Advantage for
your background checks?


Neglecting to conduct pre-employment screening could leave your organisation vulnerable to recriminations, possible fines, and reputational risk.


Our expert team of onboarding executives will help ensure your organisation is set up to meet your exact processing requirements. Our dedicated, Nottingham-based client care team will keep track of your applications and are always on hand to help with any questions.


Run checks on your staff regularly to help combat financial crime and terrorism, people trafficking and illegal immigration. Be absolutely confident people are who they say they are and be able to prove it. Our eligibility experts will ensure your online system processes checks at the right level for your organisation.


Our software systems make use of cutting-edge technologies, providing identity as a service to help our customers maintain data integrity to the highest standards and confirm an applicant’s attributable data sets.

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