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Why are background checks
important in the healthcare sector?

First Advantage provide all levels of criminal record checks, including overseas criminal record checks in conjunction with right to work and identity checks. This enables you to meet the best practice guidelines set out by the fit and proper persons regulations.

Once an individual has been confirmed as who they say they are and their criminal history has been checked, it’s important to ensure there are no other reasons that could be identified prior to recruitment that are a cause for concern.

First Advantage are able to provide adverse financial checks, which are important if carers are responsible for handling service user finances. Driving licence checks ensure whether your employees are entitled to drive, if there are any points are on their licence, and if this fits with your policy. We can also help validate a person’s employment and education history. With the ability to specify character references, be sure to employ staff that fit and embody your organisation’s ethos.

By performing background screening checks on new applicants, not only can you ensure that the individual is exactly who they say they are, and that they’re suitable for working within health and social care, but you’ll also deter unsuitable individuals from applying to begin with.

Why choose First Advantage for
your healthcare employment screening?


Neglecting to conduct background checks when onboarding new employees could leave your organisation vulnerable to recriminations, possible fines, and reputational risk.


Our expert team of onboarding executives will help ensure your organisation is set up to meet your exact processing requirements. We're also able to offer email and telephone support for your applicants, helping to speed up and streamline your recruitment process.


Ensure you're meeting best practice guidelines and completing the appropriate level of criminal record checks for your employees with help from our eligibility experts.


We are the largest criminal record check provider in the UK. We're experts in identity data and use cutting-edge technologies to enable right to work checks and identity checking.

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