API Overview

Making your end-to-end Onboarding process as easy as possible is a crucial element in attracting great employees and reducing candidate dropout rates.​

The purpose of our API is to provide you with the ability to integrate your applications and processes with the KnowYourPeople checks and services.​

The GBG KnowYourPeople API gives you access to the following checks:​

The API can be used for creating, managing and submitting KYP applications (one or more of the pre-employment background checks provided by our service) and for obtaining the results of those checks.

Our API enables you to pick and choose how much or how little you want to integrate with us.

Our API facilitates you to:

  • Create a person and an application form via your system.
  • Enable your users to provide all the application details required for the KYP checks, via your system - for submission to KYP for processing.
  • Enable the applicant to complete the application form using KnowYourPeople web pages, with the following options available:
    • link invitation email sent by KnowYourPeople.
    • link invitation email sent by your system.
  • Poll for application and check status updates.
  • Poll for full check results details - get a breakdown of all elements of check results, plus the overall result of the check: Pass, Alert or Fail.
  • Poll for summary check result details - only receive the summary result: Pass, Alert or Fail

API Operations are broadly split into four areas


Create a new application (or edit the configuration of an existing application). This involves specifying who the application is for, who will be completing it (yourself or the applicant), what checks are to be performed as part of the application and any other additional data to be captured like custom tags or DVLA electronic declaration requirements.


The API enables you to search for people and organisations. Applications and check details can be searched for using a comprehensive set of filters.


This involves retrieving the application form and submitting all the data required on that form for the requested checks. Additional steps such as applicant confirmation, verification and countersigning, withdrawal etc.


Obtain the results for whole applications or specific checks. Helper APIs are provided to obtain information around DVLA check results (licence statuses, entitlements, endorsements and restrictions).


All communication to the KnowYourPeople web service is secured using HTTPS.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data accessible in KnowYourPeople, any access to the web services requires authentication.

When appropriate, you’ll be set up with a Client ID and secret which will enable you to request a Bearer Token. Access to the API is not possible without this information.

Getting started with us

Once you’ve requested and been granted access to the Developer Portal:

  • You’ll see the latest version of our detailed API Specification as well as upcoming and future API changes.
  • You can request access, via your Profile, to our Sandbox (mock environment). This enables you to make use of the Try It functionality to gain a better understanding in order so that you can start developing.

Understanding your needs

Our Customer Success team and API specialists will ensure that you’re fully supported and the solution created is as streamlined as possible.

The following documents will help you to gain an understanding of the KnowYourPeople platform.

Full API

Carry out all actions from initiating and completing an application to receiving the results of the checks

Download the PDF

Partial API

Use the API to initiate applications from your system then complete applications via KYP pages

Download the PDF

Example use case

This document will show you how to run an Identity Check and a Driving Licence Check against a new applicant

Download the PDF

Request access to the Developer Portal

If you'd like to access our Developer Portal, and the Sandbox environment to make use of the Try It functionality within the API specification document, you can request access by filling out the following form.

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